CitizenOne is a digital interaction broker designed to create a user-friendly and secure experience between a citizen and government. It allows government to broker access to sensitive services while protecting the citizen’s privacy and the security of their information.

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Digital Government Made Easy

CitizenOne is a service delivery platform that enhances the digital experience for citizens by allowing individuals the ability to manage their information and the government services they use with one simple profile.

We’ve doubled down on single sign-on to simplify the citizen experience and provide greater value and efficiency when using services online. This avoids the need for the citizen to manage multiple accounts and passwords when accessing different government services. 

CitizenOne goes beyond citizen identity and access management by delivering a set of common services to the citizen that make their interactions with government better.  Not only does the platform broker the connection between the citizen and digital government service. It also secures the citizen’s information and delivers enhanced consent and privacy controls by providing the ability to opt into the use of a digital service, it allows government service providers to set discrete policy that a citizen must meet and accept to access a specific service.  CitizenOne also: 

  • Provides a mechanism for digital identity proofing to ensure sensitive government services are delivered conveniently, securely and to the right people.
  • Is a federated identity model that can integrate with existing legacy applications as well as net-new services (SaaS or on-premise), allowing governments to rapidly grow their service delivery program over time.
  • Provides secure 2-way messaging to the citizen, consolidating messages into one secure, private, easy to access location as well as send to email/SMS if desired.
  • Is available fully integrated with SecureKey Concierge, a next-generation authentication network for conveniently connecting people to critical online services using their secure banking credentials they already have and trust.
  • Provides a government service payment capability to allow for easy delivery and payment of government invoices.
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The CitizenOne Modules

CitizenOne is comprised of seven modules and is available in a variety of licensing models to meet a wide range of deployment preferences.


Creates a single profile managed by the citizen that can be used across all connected government services.

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Provides contextual multi-factor authentication, one-time, tokens and password management, allowing the citizen to access services confidently.
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Enables citizens to access a consolidated government service catalogue with the ability to determine the services connected to their profile.
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A two-way messaging centre allowing the citizen to receive updates with the ability to manage notification preferences (Email, SMS).

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Connects the citizen profile to roles they may play in their daily lives (business owner, parent) allowing context to enhance service quality and the ability to do more from one profile.
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Deliver sensitive services digitally with a higher level of confidence by confirming a user is who they say they are by connecting to multiple data sources (e.g. drivers license, Equifax, Corporate Registries).
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Provides a simplified payment interaction by securely and privately presenting invoices and brokering the payment transaction.
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Service Cards

“Digital Service Cards” (Service Cards) are a usability and service delivery component of CitizenOne delivered through this module. Read more  

More efficient delivery across government departments

Government service delivery can be complex and creating an experience that meets the expectations of your users isn’t easy. Government services are typically delivered in silos, which results in unnecessary duplication of cost and effort, not to mention a frustrating experience for the user.

CitizenOne takes care of the hard parts of delivering services to citizens in one single comprehensive platform.  Our platform enables service delivery and subsequent program development by giving a government a view of the citizen across all services and breaking down the silos that exist today.

CitizenOne is a catalyst to help governments transition their operations to the digital space, making them available more conveniently 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Privacy by design

CitizenOne has adopted the best of current and emerging privacy standards to protect the interests of the citizen first. Applying the privacy by design model ensures privacy is centred around the end user through transparency and strong privacy defaults.

A scalable solution for your specific needs

Implementing or improving citizen services is difficult, which can result in lengthy projects and delayed implementation. CitizenOne allows governments to rapidly scale their deployment and deliver services incrementally, avoiding the cost and risk associated with a big bang approach. At Vivvo, our experience and expertise can help guide governments and organizations through an implementation and integration plan that makes sense in any environment.

With CitizenOne, implementation is easier than you might think. It’s developed in a highly flexible way and can integrate with existing applications. The platform delivers services to large numbers of citizens in a cost-effective way and eliminates duplication of technology commonly seen in many government technology environments.

The single user-profile is progressive, meaning it will evolve as services are added and apply the citizen’s information, preferences and privacy controls. This evolving profile allows for easier implementation of other services by eliminating the need to build and manage a profile for each system and allows for application-specific information to be contained within the downstream application.