CitizenOne delivers a robust relationship management capability that allows a citizen to connect their profile to other roles, or personas, that they may have in their daily lives (e.g. business owners, employees, parents). Once the citizen has established their profile and added a persona they can select that persona and interact with government in the context of “who they are at the time”. An example we commonly use is a citizen creating a CitizenOne profile to interact with government services as a citizen and then adding a business owner persona that allows them to interact with government on behalf of their business. The functionality even allows for things like a business owner inviting his or her accountant to interact with a government service provider on behalf of the business, or a parent accessing services on behalf of their children. The relationship management concept allows the citizen to select a “context”.

Accessing services in a selected context provide’s the ability to do more from one single profile but in the way that is most relevant to the citizen and leads to a more satisfying experience. CitizenOne allows the citizen to define the relationships that are most important to them and interprets the citizen’s relationship to the service being accessed to ensure the most relevant experience is provided.
The CitizenOne Identity Relationship Management service:

• Brings to life the idea of ‘personas’ that allow a citizen to log in to a single profile but be presented with services in the most relevant manner.
• Allows the citizen to make the choice of how they choose to relate themselves to other people, data and other entities (e.g. businesses, healthcare providers, family structures).
• Allows a government to deliver more services from a common technology platform and deliver better online experiences.

A real-world example

As briefly explained above a common example of the need for this kind of functionality is how a citizen relates themselves to their business or their employer. We call this Business Connect.
Business Connect allows a business owner (or authorized individual) to associate their CitizenOne profile with a business they own. CitizenOne verifies the citizen’s identity and then ensures that the relationship to the business is confirmed by the authoritative source (e.g. Provincial Corporate Registry, Federal Business Number Program). Once the relationship is confirmed, Business Connect allows the business owner to invite people, employees, for example, to interact on the businesses behalf with government service providers.
This capability eliminates paper-based processes for “approving” someone to conduct business on the businesses behalf and provides a convenient mechanism to ensure the people authorized to do any work on behalf of the business are always kept up to date. This solution solves an enormous challenge for government, eliminating the cost associated with manual, paper-based processes while enabling only authorized individuals to conduct business on behalf of the business entity.
Business Connect allows the business owner to invite others to interact with the business in a number of roles. Roles can then be used to control who can do what in each service. CitizenOne doesn’t wade into the business of each individual government service area. The service area simply “consumes” the role provided by Business Connect and the service owns the determination of what that role can perform in the service.
CitizenOne allows for the relationship of citizens to different roles in their day to day lives and drives higher levels of citizen satisfaction. CitizenOne allows a government to deliver services to citizens and businesses in a highly consistent and relevant way using a common technology foundation.

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