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Consolidated Digital Health

CitizenOne Health is a digital services platform built on a Trusted Identity Framework. It creates a patient-centric experience and enables access to digital health services from all around the health provider ecosystem.

Healthcare organizations must provide patients and providers with security, privacy and compliance when accessing digital health services.

CitizenOne provides a complete platform, delivering digital health services with verified identity at its core.  CitizenOne makes it easy to manage patient and healthcare provider experiences in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Patients and providers have peace of mind, knowing that only the right people have access to the right services – all in a secure, user-focused environment.

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A complete platform for delivering digital health services.

CitizenOne meets today’s healthcare service delivery challenges.

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Privacy by design

CitizenOne is built with privacy in mind and features the best of current and emerging privacy standards to protect the interests of the citizen first. Applying the privacy by design model ensures privacy is centred around the end user through transparency and strong privacy defaults.