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Many Canadians are still uncertain what “digital government” means and what a move to digital government can do for them. The concept of digital government in Canada is pushing government officials to understand the opportunities presented by technology and how it can help them meet the needs of citizens and improve the lives of the public they serve.

Now more than ever, government faces fiscal challenges, so technology provides an opportunity to look at delivering public services more effectively, and at a lower cost.

Going digital can help government deliver services better and far more cost effectively. Digital is also the way many of us, as well as future generations, are used to doing business.

The Time is Now

The time is right for a move to digital government in Canada. The public, that is served by government, is accustomed to working, shopping and doing business online. We conduct our banking online, we shop and ship gifts online, and we are growing to expect online service delivery in all areas of our lives.  The following trends are changing the way we expect to interact with government:

  • Social media
  • Mobile technologies and smartphones
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber security

Delivering on Digital, an excellent book on digital government by William Eggers, describes the way these five trends are changing the way governments interact with and serve the public. He showcases numerous case studies that highlight how these trends are coming together to change the way we live, work and connect with one another.

Going digital doesn’t mean simply putting services online. For Digital government in Canada to be successful we must empower leaders to redesign public services and transform departments and agencies into digitally savvy organizations. From the top down, governments need to embrace new innovations and technologies to re-shape the experience citizens have with their governments.

On the flipside, governments shouldn’t rush to pursue digital initiatives without first laying a solid foundation. The first step in a digital transformation is adopting a “digital mindset”.

The Digital Mindset

Delivering on Digital describes the “digital mindset” as five common characteristics shared by leaders and organizations that have successfully led digital transformations. These are the commitment to five things that work together and must be at the heart of any digital government venture:

  • Openness: making governments more transparent, accessible and collaborative, with examples being open-data, open-source and the free and open internet.
  • Co-creation: when citizens, businesses and other stakeholders are engaged by government throughout the development of priorities, rather than at the end of the value chain.
  • User-centricity: when the user is engaged and is at the centre of the design process to avoid wasted time, money and energy.
  • Simplicity: because an overly complex process will turn off a new user.
  • Agility: means developers continuously design, launch and adjust, getting products in front of users as soon as possible, so they can get feedback and refine subsequent versions.

Pursuing Digital Transformation

Moving to digital government in Canada is proving difficult, with barriers such as legacy systems, shortage of technical skills, tight budgets, project methodologies and procurement woes. However, it also means there are many opportunities to pursue positive change, drive cost efficiencies and improve citizen satisfaction.

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How we Can Help

Vivvo is a leading digital government enabler that focuses on simplifying citizen access to online services and applications with a focus on usability, privacy and security.  Vivvo helps governments achieve their digital transformation imperative and achieve transformational cost efficiencies.

Vivvo’s next generation privacy-enhancing platform, CitizenOne, enables citizens to conveniently and privately access digital services from government and simplify their lives.  We live in a digital world but are being asked to use non-digital services when interacting with government, with too many avenues that increase the possibility of fraud and privacy breaches; with a limited focus on the citizen experience. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and through collaboration with innovators around Canada and the US, Vivvo’s mission is to change this.

Vivvo is a member of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). DIACC and Vivvo believe to achieve digital government in Canada we have to come together and pursue ecosystem solutions.  Vivvo was built on the foundation of Privacy by Design.  Vivvo is committed to building better citizen experiences while ensuring privacy and security.  To schedule an in-depth discussion on your digital journey visit

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