Governments want to deliver value to their stakeholders (e.g. citizens and businesses). There is no doubt that governments care deeply about things like:

• Meeting citizen and business needs for better service delivery
• Transforming patient care
• Developing students to enter the workforce
• Addressing landlord and tenant needs
• Providing better access to timely information
• Cutting red tape and bureaucracy and generally making life better

But in today’s digital age it’s very difficult to add value using outdated processes, mindsets, and technology. Indeed, the danger is that government will actually be providing a disservice to citizens unless they are able to address the challenges of moving towards digital service delivery or digital transformation.

In the book “Digitizing Government’’ the authors explain that “The true opportunity of digital lies in a fundamental reshaping and improvement in Government and our public services.” They emphasize that “Industrial age organizational structures and processes are a busted flush – and an increasingly expensive indulgence – in the digital era”. The challenge they say is to “agree how Government (or public) services should be redesigned, and to stop merely throwing more technology and money at fossilizing the way it worked yesterday”.

This prompts an important question; how do governments go about digitally transforming public services?

All over Google, there are many different approaches and many different ideas, but fundamental themes emerge around strategy and vision, culture, changing mindsets, communication and engagement, innovation, data and analytics and of course technology. Even if you concentrate on these fundamentals it would still be easy to become confused by the sheer complexity and the scale of change required.

Many governments believe the solution to this confusion is to operate within a framework that ensures that you maintain a focus on your strategic goals while at the same time taking incremental steps, delivering value at each step and that each “incremental success” will help build the right culture, increase momentum and enhance the capacity of staff.

In their book “Leading Digital” Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee break down organizations into those that are:
• Beginners – At the start of their digital journey – adopting a wait and see policy – lacking digital leadership
• Fashionistas – are not waiting to act –they demonstrate their technological trendiness but lack real digital leadership and governance
• Conservatives – they have a capability profile that is the opposite of Fashionistas but excess prudence prevents them from maximizing the benefits of digital transformation
• Digital Masters – display true digital leadership and know how and where to invest their time, talent and money to maximize the benefits of digital transformation.

Where is your organization in this model? How can you move towards being a Digital Leader? It all starts with leadership and creating a culture of collaboration and willingness to change incrementally. Once you have that, building the digital capabilities becomes a whole lot easier.

About Vivvo
Until recently delivering services to citizens was typically done through customized one-off technologies or a combination of custom code, portals, and traditional IAM solutions. But Vivvo has changed all that by establishing a complete solution that delivers on your transformation needs. Trying to bolt on functionality to your existing systems just doesn’t cut it. A comprehensive solution needs to be centered around citizens. It should provide secure, authentic, cohesive experiences that are accessible across all applications. It should build trust with your users by providing centralized data access governance policies that enforce citizen consent and adhere to privacy regulations. And it should allow citizens to easily register, view and manage their account information, data-sharing consents, notifications and preferences to facilitate their experience. With the right solution, you can deliver the consistent, simplified experience that users expect while ensuring the security and regulatory compliance your government requires.

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