eGovernment TransformationThe World Can Learn From Estonia’s eGovernment Transformation

If asked which country is leading the way in digitizing government, it’s likely that Estonia wouldn’t be the first answer to come to mind.

But, the world can learn a lot from Estonia, which Wired has named “the most advanced digital society in the world.”

Estonians have built an efficient, secure and transparent digital ecosystem and we can all learn from the path they have blazed. An astounding 99% of public services are available to Estonian citizens as e-services. 

Estonia’s eGovernment Transformation Journey

Estonia is a small country of just over 1 million citizens but it has an impressive array of digital government solutions, including in the areas of identity, education, healthcare and business. Some of the best digital offerings are in the e-identity space, as more “digital signatures” have been used in Estonia than the rest of the European Union combined. In fact, according to TechVibes, 98 per cent of Estonians have a digital identity they can use to digitally sign documents or verify themselves with.

In Canada, governments have looked at identity with a variety of approaches, and many initiatives are underway. In order to better serve citizens, this type of solution is invaluable but much work remains to be completed.

An Array of Digital Solutions

Identity is just one digital government feature in which Estonia excels. Here are some other examples:

  • X-Road serves to help public and private sectors link and share information. Citizens only need to provide data once, and then that information is shared across platforms as it’s basic information that citizens usually have to repeatedly fill out on a form or tell a clerk. X-Road saves over 800 years of working time for Estonia annually. According to TechVibes, if you extrapolate those numbers for Canada, it would be over 21,500 years of time saved annually.
  • Blockchain is used to secure healthcare information including health records and prescription details.
  • A company can be established in Estonia just in 18 minutes, with e-Tax, e-Banking, e-Business Register and Industry 4.0.

Estonia offers a government cloud, Internet voting, a digital portal of government services and more. Perhaps it’s not surprising that twice as many students pursue IT careers in Estonia than the average in other OECD countries.

The Canadian government has just signed a memorandum of understanding with Estonia to allow for knowledge sharing, public official exchanges, digital consulting and more. Estonia can provide knowledge and experience in enabling successful egovernment transformation.

Final Thoughts

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