The CitizenOne Trust Framework connects a citizen’s profile information to other trusted data sources.  With the citizen’s consent, the module verifies the identity of the citizen and builds a trusted profile.  The Trust Framework also allows a citizen to make the choice to “marshall” or move data between service providers he or she authorizes.

Citizens have “digital assets” or credentials with numerous providers and the CitizenOne Trust Framework provides the ability to bring many vectors of information together as part of establishing greater identity certainty. Greater identity certainty can allow citizens to access sensitive services.

This increases the success of government digital transformation or eGovernment initiatives by helping to ensure the citizen “is who they say they are’’, helping to eliminate risk that often accompanies digital service delivery. The CitizenOne approach:

Provides a higher level of certainty in the citizen’s identity by connecting to multiple trusted data sources (e.g. drivers licensing, provincial data stores, Provincial Business Number Hubs, Corporate Registries, other available data stores).
Allows for even the most sensitive services to be delivered through digital channels, providing many opportunities for tangible operational savings.
Provides a framework for government service providers to take advantage of enterprise data and identity verification events, eliminating the need for duplicate identity verification processes.
Supports Pan Canadian Identity Trust Framework and other standards (NIST, GDPR).
Includes a mobile identity verification application to achieve a high level of assurance from a citizen’s mobile phone (including biometrics, facial recognition, shared secret).
Is integration ready to utilize SecureKey Concierge and VerifiedMe services.

CitizenOne allows for greater identity certainty and consent focused data marshalling.  CitizenOne allows a government to deliver services to citizens and businesses in a highly consistent and relevant way using a common technology foundation with certainty that the right people are accessing the right services.

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