We improve the lives of people by enabling better digital experiences.


Enable better digital experiences with CitizenOne.

We’ve developed a platform that makes it easy for citizens to access, manage and use government and health services. Starting with citizen identity and access management as its foundation, CitizenOne delivers all the services needed to provide a better citizen experience and greater efficiency for our clients.

A single window to all services

Our platform provides a single sign-on experience, allowing the citizen to connect with government and/or health services with a single, convenient profile.

Greater efficiency by reducing complexity

We increase user satisfaction and reduce government or health service delivery complexity by providing a consolidated service delivery platform.

Scalability means low-risk/low-cost entry

CitizenOne allows our clients to integrate public-facing services incrementally and serve large numbers of users in a cost-effective way.

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What our customers and partners are saying about Vivvo and CitizenOne

Brey Pattison, Senior Director - Lending Products, <a href="https://www.fcc-fac.ca/en.html">Farm Credit Canada</a>

Vivvo delivers stellar outcomes through talented individuals that hold themselves accountable to our high expectations.

Eric Swedersky - Senior VP Delivery and Public Sector, <a href="https://securekey.com/">SecureKey</a>

The CitizenOne platform intelligently meets the most demanding goals of government digital service delivery and Vivvo’s experienced team provides expert support and innovative approaches to these significant challenges.

Eric Swedersky – Senior VP Delivery and Public Sector, SecureKey

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