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A few lines of code goes a long way with our platform.

Open standards come standard

We don’t reinvent the wheel when we can roll with an open standard.

Open standards are community and industry-driven specifications that can define roles for an app, whether that role is the user, the identity provider, or the service provider. They also define how apps communicate with each other and to service providers without compromising key details.

Currently, the Vivvo Trust Platform integrates three of the more common standards for authorization and authentication which are SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. This means that a wide variety of organizations can count on Vivvo for their identity solutions notwithstanding the languages, platforms, or technologies that they may already have in use.

A newer standard, DID (Decentralized Identifier) is also integrated into the platform.

SAML 2.0
We support an extension for parties using SAML to exchange information regarding identity assurance.
OAuth 2.0
Access a user's data on another service without requiring the credentials of the user.
OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 standard. It is available on our platform.
DID (Draft)
Decentralized identity is a reimagined approach to the way we can share and control our personal information.
And, yes, of course we think blockchain is cool. #HODL

API Support

The Vivvo Trust platform includes a full RESTful API to allow your applications to take full advantage of the features we offer. Our APIs are secured with Machine to Machine Authorization via OAuth 2.0 and enforce TLS encryption meaning your traffic is always safe and secure.

We also support SAML 2.0 including Single-Logout, and Open ID Connect to make it easy to integrate with all industry standard protocols.

The Vivvo Trust platform is built with a microservice architecture and is hosted in a high-availability cluster configuration. If a single node in the cluster goes down, we have many replicas to respond to user and API requests. Thus, you can be assured that infrastructure issues do not equal outages for you or your users.

The platform is also fully docker containerized allowing it to be hosted on any cloud provider or on-site infrastructure.

Integration Meets Speed

Our Rapid Integration Module brings things together faster

Vivvo has the tools and the expertise to consume data when integrating with several different services and APIs, be they a legacy Oracle database, a SOAP service, or a modern API.

Our feature-rich Golang SDK ensures that we can bring a small adapter microservice online in only a few lines of code. Our adapter pattern will translate any information to and from your existing systems for communication with the Vivvo Trust platform. Our adapters can live in any environment and communicate in any configuration deemed fit for your specific business requirements and data governance policies.

We provide full API docs for our adapter SDK along with the entire Vivvo Trust Platform giving you the ability to integrate your own applications. Some examples of services we currently integrate with include Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Moneris and many other proprietary services.