We love a good challenge

Here's a few industries and use cases where our platform is being put to very good use.

Government and Public Sector

Provide the single window to digital services your citizens expect.

Positive, efficient interactions with government have never made more sense or been more possible.

Our platform provides a single sign-on experience, allowing citizens to connect with government services with a single, convenient profile.

Customer Identity

In the experience economy, the expectations for doing business online have never been greater. Speed and simplicity are the order of the day. Any friction or bumps along the way can turn into higher costs on other service channels or lost revenue due to customer attrition.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, your customers are engaging with you fresh from the best user experiences Silicon Valley or Seattle has to offer. While these standards aren’t easy to compete with, they can’t be ignored, even by public sector organizations that have long been able to define the rules of engagement with their public.

There is good news. When improvements are made, the benefits are mutual for customers and the business. Most friction points that customers experience point to internal opportunities that can be addressed with customer-centric service design and modern technology architectures.

Workforce Identity

Focus on people, not password resets.

Between the new normal of remote working and the reality that employees and contractors are a leading cause of data breaches, implementing access in a zero-trust model should be a priority for every organization. While increasingly common, data breaches are costly in both dollars and corporate reputation.

There are also considerable opportunities to consider as well. Business data, like departments, tends to sit in silos rather than being in a shared and collaborative space.  There’s good reason for this as legacy systems didn’t have the ability to function in a modern, networked model of operating. However, in today’s service-oriented method of operation, empowered employees need seamless access to data to accomplish more.  Our platform can manage the complexity of this new networked working model, and provide the fine-grained controls and audit tools to leverage this potential effectively and safely.


You won’t find a sector with more opportunities or sensitivity than that of health services. Given the recent acceleration of digital adoption in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging technology in digital healthcare transformation has shifted from a future possibility to one of immediate need.

Even ignoring the risks of physical contact when managing a communicable disease, spiking demands on the health care system make a stronger case than ever for leveraging automation and secure digital service delivery to lighten the load on human resources.