Mobile Digital Identity

Privacy, Security and Convenience

We envision a world where every citizen securely holds and controls a single, secure, transportable digital identity usable across every login on every site and every bricks and mortar location they visit.  An identity they own and control.

As we go about our daily lives, we collect digital and physical credentials that make it difficult and cumbersome to do the things we want to do. CitizenOne Eeze delivers a complete identity and authentication framework that enables a citizen to take back their identity – no longer relying on the organizations they do business with to protect their sensitive information.

Eeze is unlike any other product available on the market today.  The user’s physical and digital credentials are all delivered from the secure wallet on their mobile device.  Say goodbye to User ID’s, passwords and paper/plastic credentials.  Say hello to easy, secure logins, convenience and peace of mind your data is safe.

Eeze allows a user to easily share credentials they have accumulated in a secure, private way, providing only the information required to on-board to services they want or to prove the things they need. Life is busy; people don’t have time to manage more passwords and login credentials – they want to do the things they need to do with Eeze.

Why Governments and Enterprises want Eeze

Managing user repositories with User ID’s and passwords, as well as other credential stores, is risky and susceptible to security breaches.  Eeze eliminates the need to retain credentials in your core systems, greatly reducing the impact should a breach occur. 

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A mobile digital identity wallet that enhances the privacy and security of your user’s critical identity data.

A Focus on Privacy

Eeze is built with privacy in mind and features the best of current and emerging privacy standards to protect the interests of the users first. Applying the privacy by design model ensures privacy is centred around the end user through transparency and strong privacy defaults.

The Problem with Passwords

Strong passwords are hard to remember and bad passwords are easy to crack. Most of your users meet your minimum password requirements in the simplest way possible (e.g.: Summer2018!). High profile breaches that have resulted in millions of leaked passwords seem to be a regular occurrence. A password database is a big juicy target for hackers. Passwords can be saved and replayed by malware or man in the middle attacks.

Strong Authentication

Eeze’s authentication framework is invulnerable to phishing attacks thanks to our mutual authentication protocol. Users know they can trust Eeze and so can you. You don’t need to maintain a database of passwords or any other shared secret. Our authentication framework is built on modern cryptographic proofs and the private credential never leaves the users secure vault on their mobile device.

Easy Installation

Setup is easy with our Javascript SDK. With just a few lines of code you can protect your users with the most advanced authentication framework available today.

Use Cases

Eeze can be deployed in many configurations to support a broad range of use cases, providing customers (B2C) and employees (B2E) alike with enhanced experiences.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Physical Security

Physical Security

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication